Em um e-mail enviado aos fãs do BRIDE, Dale Thompson, anunciou que a banda produzirá apenas mais um CD e depois eles pararão. Dale diz que gostaria de continuar fazendo shows por um tempo limitado e que realmente gostaria de ter a oportunidade de fazer pelo menos mais uma turnê pelo Brasil.

Ele diz em seu e-mail que estava há um bom tempo com a idéia e que estava esperando Deus dar a oportunidade para ele mandar o e-mail.

Abaixo segue a parte do e-mail onde ele fala sobre a suposta aposentadoria do BRIDE:

Bride has plans to begin writing on one LAST piece of work very soon. Without record companies, distribution, a marketing team, no A&R and no interest from the industry or support from the churches most would say “why not just go away?” We must retire on the terms that God has outlined. Too many hate mongers have tried to retire Bride through the years and they all have had dismal failures in their attempts. For they are those whom Jesus called white sculptures full of dead men’s bones. You see they do not possess the truth, or produce life and thus they are in a lower realm and cannot touch those that have been high and lifted up to sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

We want to produce one last piece of work from our heart as a final farewell to our friends who have supported us and prayed earnestly for us. Bride is just a name. And it will fade into oblivion but we know the work that we have done has produced eternal rewards for all of those involved.

Bride will continue playing shows up to a point. We would love to return to Brazil one more time, possibly Europe and play a few shows in the States as our way of closing the door slowly if possible. Now this transformation from Bride to whatever else God has in store for Troy and I may be quick and it may be prolonged but we will produce one more CD for you.

Fonte: DotGospel